Mobile Health

Hobnob is ideal for highly available services on wheels that require mission-critical network connectivity.

When you’re providing healthcare in a mobile environment, you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your staff can reliably access patient records, upload images for grading, and focus on delivering healthcare services instead of worrying about network connectivity. You want your patients to determine where you provide care—and not your wireless carrier.

Hobnob combines and multiplies. Our anytime, anywhere network connectivity ensures that your team of mobile health professionals need not worry about the interruptions due to network downtime so common in today’s mobile healthcare operations. It all translates into a real difference when it comes to providing the most efficient and timely healthcare to patients while on the road.

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“By implementing the Hobnob solution, we’ve saved a lot of overtime costs and made our workers much happier. Now that we no longer have connectivity issues, they’re not quite sure what to complain to me about.“

Brad Runkle | IS Project Manager, Ohio Health

“We deployed our Dental Van the other day and it was the first time we used the Hobnob solution.  I must admit that we were very pleased with the performance. We ran three laptops in the van with not so much as one dropped connection, and at a fraction of the cost of using a satellite dish.  I'm looking forward to expanding the usage to handle transmitting x-ray images in real time in the near future.“

Paul C. Sims | Director of Information Technology, Hampton Roads Community Health Center

“We have been very impressed with not only the Hobnob mobile networking service, but also the outstanding customer service we've received from the Hobnob team.  This is a clear win for us and our mobile medical practice.“

Dia MaddenFamily Nurse Practitioner | Director and Manager of Mobile Medical Services