Mobile Network Operator

Proven solution that works for all protocols.

Hobnob has spent over a decade on R&D perfecting its mobile technology in the marketplace. We have created a robust, scalable offering that satisfies demanding mobile subscribers.

Hobnob is a drop-in solution that works for everyone. There are no hidden restrictions. It works for all protocols. We separate the logical from the physical network. This solution is fundamental and hard, but it is required to deliver high-performance, truly seamless combined connectivity.

Now a word about the others. Other companies will try to sell you an app, but these app-only offerings are simply network caches at their core. Connection caching cannot deliver a seamless experience and it poses a greater security risk. There have been attempts to patch app offerings with a network cloud--but these have also come up short.

The lossy network combinator is one of the fundamental hard problems in computer networking. Hobnob has solved it.

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