Road Warriors

Uninterrupted connectivity for people on the road.

Are you a road-warrior software engineer, network engineer, technology executive or other professional for whom highly-reliable remote network access is a must? Hobnob was designed for you.

Hobnob excels in reliable VoIP, real-time video conferencing, live video broadcasting, SSH, NX, putty, OpenVPN and many other technologies. Hobnob is particularly valuable when you’re dealing with an outage or any situation where seconds matter—whether that’s running long database queries, remotely administering a server, router, or client computer in an emergency, or team meetings via two-way video.
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“From ballrooms in hotels with almost no mobile cell signals to a completely overloaded mobile network at CES 2014, Hobnob's multi-carrier support helped Lyve to achieve stable, reliable and fast Internet connectivity that was absolutely critical in helping us to successfully showcase our product.“

Erhard Riedl | IT Manager, Lyve Minds, Inc.

“Hobnob has figured out how to deliver 5G mobile network performance today. That’s an impressive engineering feat and the fact that Hobnob works internationally means my work doesn’t stop at the border.“

Arthur van Hoff | Founder and CTO, Jaunt

“Hobnob provides me with huge peace of mind. We do a lot of livestream events and many of our clients don't have time or money to give us fully redundant systems or complete access to their networks. With Hobnob, we have a super affordable reliable backup in our back pockets which honestly helps me sleep at night. We tested Hobnob against a number of its competitors and no one came close.“

Perry M. Pickert | Friday's Films