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We’re a bootstrapped startup based in Palo Alto, California that’s making a big impact on the future of mobile broadband.

We founded Hobnob back in 2003 with a vision of delivering unprecedented levels of reliability and performance to mobile professionals seeking network connectivity while on the go. In the ensuing years we refined our patented technology (pat. # 8,442,070, pat. # 8,437,264, pat. # 8,122,499, pat. # 8,584,146, pat. # 8,745,290), which intelligently combines WiFi, multiple wireless wide-area networks (WWANs) and even wired networks to provide network availability and service without peer in the industry. Simply put, we provide a network that works everywhere you do.

In 2006 we relocated Hobnob to the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, and by the next year turned our first profit. Since then we’ve more than doubled each year, and today we serve a rapidly growing customer base, driven by the superiority of our unique wireless network service. Whether it’s serving individuals, mobile service units or large enterprises that require advanced connectivity for their many mobile employees, Hobnob has made its mark and is here to stay.

The numbers tell the story. Our customers include some of Silicon Valley’s leading companies—technology pioneers who recognize the real deal in mobile network connectivity when they see it. We now can point to more than 100,000 unique users, and our largest customer annually logs more than 2.5 million hours of user time on our network. That’s because Hobnob is the only solution that delivers on the promise of providing the ultimate in network speed and reliability for today’s demanding mobile professionals.


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Our company culture is a product of our founding environment: We are an action-oriented, efficient and determined team that places the greatest value on timely, tangible contributions.
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