Our Customers

"When you have to give demos or go to press events and trade shows as Lyve does, you often don't know what kind of network connectivity you're going to get. More often than not, you're lucky if you even find a power outlet! With Hobnob, we were able to build mobile demo kits at CES 2014 that featured reliable, stable and fast Internet connections in virtually every situation. Hobnob's service was a great success, and it helped us to showcase our product, even under difficult circumstances."

Erhard Riedl | IT Manager, Lyve Minds, Inc.

"Hobnob has figured out how to deliver 5G mobile network performance today. That’s an impressive engineering feat and the fact that Hobnob works internationally means my work doesn’t stop at the border."

Arthur van Hoff | Founder and CTO, Jaunt

"Over the years we tried the multi-card mobile WiFi solutions from Hobnob's competitors and our clients complained every day about network disconnects and poor performance. Then we switched to Hobnob. The complaints stopped and our clients got back to work. Hobnob is a solid platform and we're building our business on it."

Doug Knapp | Owner, Corinthian Parking and Ground Transportation

"By implementing the Hobnob solution, we’ve saved a lot of overtime costs and made our workers much happier. Now that we no longer have connectivity issues, they’re not quite sure what to complain to me about."

Brad Runkle | IS Project Manager, Ohio Health

"Way back in 2003, ACE Rail became the first U.S. transit agency to offer free Wi-Fi to passengers. Since then, we've evaluated many mobile network providers. Time and time again, Hobnob clearly emerged as the best solution. Their service has been a leading component in ridership satisfaction. It is customer demand that has driven the expansion of Hobnob service to include all our trains."

Thomas W. Reeves | Manager of Public Affairs and Community Relations, Altamont Corridor Express

"We've used Hobnob exclusively on our corporate motor coach, at our project sites and at conferences and trade shows for the past three and a half years—and we couldn't be happier. We're a large-scale product development, manufacturing and installation/construction company focused on delivering high performance 21st century learning environments to students throughout California. Robust deployed internet access is crucial to our business and wherever we are, Hobnob delivers the reliable mobile connectivity and outstanding technical support that we need."

Brian Gaunce | Founder and CEO, PreFast Buildings

"Our area was hit hard with the ice storm on the East Coast and we lost power all day yesterday. Today, the power came back and we opened the office but our Comcast internet was still down and they told us it wouldn't be back up until tonight. My 4G iPad hotspot wasn't powerful enough to support the office network.

So I fired up my backup laptop with Hobnob MANY, unplugged my Comcast modem, plugged my office network into the Ethernet port on the laptop, a Verizon data card and a tethered iPhone in the USB ports and it worked perfectly! Our entire office was back online. Without Hobnob, we would have been down again losing another day of productivity and business.

I typically use Hobnob when I'm on the road to stay productive especially doing business over videoconferencing and VOIP. This was the first time I used the Hobnob unlimited sharing version for our entire office. Amazing!"

Clelland Green | President, Benepath, Inc.

"We have been very impressed with not only the Hobnob mobile networking service, but also the outstanding customer service we've received from the Hobnob team. This is a clear win for us and our mobile medical practice."

Dia Madden, Family Nurse Practitioner | Director and Manager of Mobile Medical Services, CCHCI

"We deployed our Dental Van the other day and it was the first time we used the Hobnob solution. I must admit that we were very pleased with the performance. We ran three laptops in the van with not so much as one dropped connection, and at a fraction of the cost of using a satellite dish. I'm looking forward to expanding the usage to handle transmitting x-ray images in real time in the near future."

Paul Sims | Director of IT, Hampton Roads Community Health Center

"I have been using Hobnob for four years now for communications in my tour bus. It has been a good and reliable service which I think really helped me to stay connected in some remote areas. I think the idea behind it is sound and I enjoy using it."

Neil Young | Rock and Roll Legend

"Our growing non-profit's connectivity problems were solved by Hobnob when no other provider could offer us dependable, fast service. Our work didn't skip a beat."

Perry Kass | Project Coordinator, Revive & Restore, The Long Now Foundation

"Hobnob provides me with huge peace of mind. We do a lot of livestream events and many of our clients don't have time or money to give us fully redundant systems or complete access to their networks. With Hobnob, we have a super affordable reliable backup in our back pockets which honestly helps me sleep at night. We tested Hobnob against a number of its competitors and no one came close."

Perry M. Pickert | Friday's Films