hobnob solution

Your anytime, anywhere, mobile network.

Combines WiFi with multiple 4G networks for unparalleled coverage, performance and savings

Hobnob’s combined mobile network service is designed to meet the demanding needs of professionals for whom reliable network connectivity is a must. These include individual business and technical professionals seeking improved network performance and reduced carrier data charges, as well as large enterprises in need of a scalable solution to accommodate their employees’ need for reliable connectivity.

Our service is particularly ideal for companies seeking an office-like network for their commute shuttles. Individual commuters seeking improved on-board WiFi network performance will also find the solution at Hobnob: combine existing on-board WiFi with a tethered phone or an optional external data card to deliver uninterrupted connectivity while reducing 4G data charges. Other applications include reliable network connectivity for conferences, events and other fast-turn-up network needs. And finally, Hobnob’s offering for public safety and mobile service units provides mission-critical network connectivity and reduced carrier data charges compared to existing carrier-only offerings.

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